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5 ways AI-chatbots can redefine the classroom experience

The impact of technology in our lives grows every day. AI has been a game-changer in many areas and is now providing pronounced advantages in education & learning, including the emerging concept of hyperautomation. Students now benefit from a much more personalized learning environment with the use of AI tools. AI-chatbots for education, a subset of hyperautomation, has made major contributions to better student-teacher interaction and collaboration. The increasing use of hyperautomation is changing the way students are absorbing information.

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How can Education chatbots help schools and universities?

Chatbots for education can communicate with students on a variety of subjects, across elementary, secondary, high school, college, and university levels. Although AI will not immediately replace a student’s favorite teacher, it can serve as an assistant to the teacher, as well as the means to access or navigate modern educational systems.

Let’s review some of the most effective ways that AI-chatbots, driven by hyperautomation, can improve education & learning:

AI-chatbots are a valuable & cost-effective way to streamline workflows

Hyperautomation technologies, such as AI-chatbots, provide a valuable and cost-effective way to streamline administrative tasks in schools and universities. These institutions often invest enormous amounts to equip and train staff to handle various administrative tasks. However, many of these tasks are repetitive and do not require human judgment, making them ideal candidates for automation through chatbots. By automating responses for student inquiries, providing information on courses and fees, and granting access to campus facilities, chatbots can free up human resources for more complex tasks.

AI-chatbots can assist teachers

Students frequently seek help to get a clearer explanation of a specific topic, while teachers aim to simplify their everyday tasks and focus on providing quality education and interaction with their students. AI-chatbots, as part of hyperautomation, can assist teachers in several ways:

AI-chatbots can assist teachers in the following ways:

  • Respond to student inquiries like lesson plans, course modules, assignments, and deadlines.
  • Monitor students’ learning progress and provide timely feedback.
  • Analyze students’ skills and interests to recommend relevant content and personalized learning paths.

AI-chatbots can assist  students

The modern generation of students expects speed and spontaneity in their interactions, whether it’s sending an email, shopping online, or searching for help with school work. Educational institutions need to adapt and provide students with a responsive communication process with administration and teachers. With the rise of both on-premise and virtual learning, institutions face a large volume of inquiries, often revolving around the admission process, courses, scholarships, fees, and more. An education chatbot, powered by hyperautomation, can easily step in to automate, streamline, and scale these tasks, providing 24×7 support.

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AI-chatbots facilitate a smart feedback collection system

Feedback is crucial for the learning process, allowing students to identify areas for improvement and teachers to enhance their teaching methods. With hyperautomation, education bots can take feedback to the next level. For example, they can conduct student surveys to gather insights on how courses could be improved, evaluate students’ satisfaction with previous lectures, and assess the overall quality of their learning experience. Additionally, education bots can consolidate and analyze survey results to highlight key points, enabling institutions to make data-driven improvements.

AI-chatbots increase student engagement

To enhance learning and increase student engagement, educational institutions can leverage the channels students are highly attuned to, such as instant messages, virtual assistants, and social media. By adapting to their preferred modes of communication, schools can provide access to learning materials, assignments, notes, and research through these channels. An education chatbot, a key component of hyperautomation, can provide students with information about assignments, deadlines, and important events at their fingertips, keeping them engaged and informed.

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AI-chatbots for the modern generation of students

As a new generation enters schools and colleges, new technology, including hyperautomation, will play an important role in education and learning. AI-chatbots, driven by hyperautomation, will make the learning process more engaging and interesting for students. They can facilitate and streamline the teaching process for faculty while reducing administrative workloads. The combination of hyperautomation and intelligence will benefit students, parents, faculty, and administrators, fueling a superior educational experience.

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