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US – Hyperautomating the Customer Service Experience with Gen AI and Autonom8

Harnessing Hyper-automation and Gen AI for Lasting Customer Relationships

  • Date

    9 Nov'23
  • Time

    1:00 PM EST
  • Duration

    60 mins

Are you ready to revolutionize your banking customer experience?
Discover the power of hyperautomation and Gen AI in creating lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers.


Introduction - Autonom8 enables the autonomous enterprise

5 mins

Energizing your BPO with GPT

15 mins

1] Eliciting information from unstructured data
2] Providing targeted customer support from a database

15 mins

An Efficient Frontier for LLM Ops
1] Optimizing cost / quality / performance
2] Approaches to security

15 mins

Q&A Session



  • Learn how to leverage hyperautomation to streamline enterprise operations and enhance customer service.
  • Discover how Gen AI can deliver personalized, efficient, and 
human-like customer interactions.
  • Gain insights into real-world success stories and practical strategies
for implementation.


  • Professionals interested in enhancing their customer experience.
  • CX leaders seeking innovative solutions to improve customer interactions.
  • Technology enthusiasts looking to stay ahead of industry trends.

Meet our speakers

Ranjit Padmanabhan

Co-Founder & CTO at Autonom8 Inc.

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